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What we do

NTSIKA delivers integrated Industry 4.0 solutions through the combination of our comprehensive Customer Engagement Methodology (CEM), our well-defined Required Analysis Definition and Design (RADD) consulting approach and our proven device integration PIVOT Platform. PIVOT is our Product Independent Virtual Operational Technology™ Platform


Why we do it best

All our Industry 4.0 engagement success stories was a result of our CEM and the RADD methodologies NTSIKA follows. We split our engagement methodology into three journeys’.

Journey 1 is the “Observe and Learn” phase where we discover the client’s Strategic objectives and how this align with the deliverable expectations. During this part of the engagement we “let the client speak” as we use this information to articulate the Use Cases.

Journey 2 is the “Understand” phase where we map the Strategic Objectives with the functional requirements and functional impact. This phase touches every department and every operational function which will be impacted by the project and or solution. This is also the phase where company-wide buy-in is obtained and where “ideation” workshops are held. We decided collectively which Use Cases are applicable and define these in more detail.

Journey 3 is the “Create” phase where we put all the pieces together from our discoveries in Journey’s 1 and 2. This phase addresses the People, Policy, Procedure and Product (Solution Scope) and is the final building block of the RADD.

The typical Digital RADD project is estimated from 7 – 15 days for small projects, 30 days for medium sized projects up to 60 days for large and complex projects. Our team typically consists of a Project Leader, a Business Analyst, a Platform and Software development specialist, a Solution Architect, a Scribe and Document controller and finally an Executive Sponsor.

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