What is COVID-19?


COVID-19 Guidelines from Department of Health


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COVID-19 Business Solutions

NTSIKA and our partners have build a range of COVID-19 solutions to support our clients in combating the spread of the CORONA virus

Our Solutions include a COVID-19 Management Platform, an Advanced Technology offering utilising visual Artificial Intelligence and a robust Command and Control system to manage any COVID-19 incidents

COVID-19 Management Solution

Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Our COVID-19 Management solution offers you the choice of a COVID-19 Screening App, our COVID-19 Management Platform and an optional COVID-19 Toolkit

COVID-19 Advance Technology Solutions

Artificial Intelligence for video  surveillance – endless possibilities

Turn your video and audio data into real time decision information.

Our Artificial Intelligence for video surveillance analyses audio and images from your current CCTV cameras and will recognise humans, vehicles, objects and events.

Our Visual AI solutions can be deployed to manage the risk of COVID-19 more effectively.

About us

Our mission is to become your digital journey partner

NTSIKA delivers integrated Industry 4.0 solutions through the combination of our comprehensive Customer Engagement Methodology (CEM), our well-defined Required Analysis Definition and Design (RADD) consulting approach and our proven device integration PIVOT Platform.

PIVOT refers to our Product/Platform Independent Visual 
perational Technology.

Our digital solutions are supported with award winning cyber security products to ensure the attack surface of your digital environment is considerably reduced.