With the world still gripped by the struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and organisations have been forced into a situation whereby staff are being expected, where they can, to work remotely. The acceleration of this work-from-home motion has not given IT security management the opportunity to be best prepared for this.

Never could anyone have predicted this pandemic, nor the amount of people forced to work from home.

CISOs, IT managers and CEOs had to act fast in order to secure their infrastructure and allow remote access for their companies to remain safe and maintain productivity.

As we work from home and log onto our work platforms through our own or work devices, staff have been subjected to daily struggles to logon to the VPN, and in more cases, not being able to connect yet. Frustratingly, in most instances, communications from IT department and departmental heads keep mentioning that “we are tightening the security measures”.

“We have been able to provide our customers with the support they need to ensure they have secure remote access throughout COVID-19. Our solutions can be installed very quickly thanks to their simplicity and efficiency, which proved invaluable during the pandemic; we regularly managed to deploy our MFA within a day, subject to volume of users. Having been established within the identity and access management sector for the last five years, we have high calibre customers including government, healthcare and other IT companies across the globe. Given the current climate, we strive to ensure that all new and existing customers can keep their IT infrastructure safe and secure when logging in, wherever they are working from,” says Steven Hope, Authlogics CEO.

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