Whether it is POPIA, GDPR, BDDK or NYDFS that you are needing to comply with is dependent on which country your organisation is located in and what international business operations you have. In today’s digital borderless environment, organisations are expected to comply with both international and local regulatory bodies, and those that don’t, face the consequences of these regulations and can be given fines of up to $22 million in damages or 4% of their global revenue.

“As well as the financial impact, non-compliance can cause even more costly devastation, whereby customers lose confidence in the company or brand, as we experienced locally in recent events,” says Theo Bensch, NTSIKA ICT Holdings Chief Executive, local distributor for Authlogics.

So how do you ensure your organisation is compliant?

When implementing a corporate security policy, there are some common best practices that CEOs and CISOs can apply to ensure more security and reduce the risk of being negatively affected by data protection legislation.

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