In a world first, NTSIKA integrated 5 asset tracking, asset management and asset identification technologies to offer digital insights into Asset Management and Asset Tracking. A key client of NTSIKA required an Asset Management and Tracking solution with a complex asset base to track and trace, with a complex material and production management application.

NTSIKA integrated the following technologies to create our PIVOT (Platform Independent Virtual Operational Technology) platform to bring a robust commercial IoT solution to our clients. Our integrated IoT platform includes:

  • a RFID and Asset Management module
  • an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Surveillance Solution through ANNIE.VI.sion module
  • an IoT Sensor Solution running on Machine to Machine networks module
  • an AI enabled Distributed Acoustic Sensing solution module &
  • a Microdot Asset Identification Solution

Powered by our capability partner Online Intelligence with their Signal Tower and CiiMS application.

A Typical solution design for our clients

Digital Solution modules

Typical Solution Components

Physical Security

We offer the following Physical Security products and services:

  • Integration of existing CCTV infrastructure to our PIVOT platform
  • Integration of Fence and Gate Alarms to our PIVOT Platform
  • Alarm Monitoring and Management services
  • Alarm / Video verification
  • Control room Integration
  • Physical Fence Solutions
  • Fence Monitoring Solutions for intrusions
  • Comprehensive CCTV Design and implementation Services
  • Comprehensive Threat Assessment Services
  • Comprehensive Perimeter Fence Audit Services
  • Deep experience Consulting Capability

RFID & Asset Management Solution

Our Asset Management and RFID offering includes:

  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • Live monitoring & reporting
  • Alerts and Notification
  • System Management
  • System Integration to current ERP systems
  • Asset Condition Management
  • Asset Tampering Management
  • Environmental Monitoring  System
  • Yard Management
  • IoT Enabled Cold Chain Management
  • Intelligent Field Management

Yard Management in motion

IoT Offering

Our IoT Sensor range include the following and more:

  • Intelligence Fence Sensors
  • Real time Asset track and trace sensors (Solar Panel for instance)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • BLE Proximity Sensor
  • GAS / Chemical Sensor
  • Depth Gauge Laser Sensor
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor
  • Transport network independent (SIGFOX, LoRA, NB-IOT, Satellite)

Remote Fence Management

  • Distributed Acoustic Sensing
  • Distributed Temperature Sensors
  • Teal Time Thermal Rating
  • Perimeter and access Intrusion Detection for vast areas (Residential estates, farms & Mining in particular)
  • Reduction in False perimeter fence alarms
  • More informed incident response decisions Deep learning capability allows for improved security insights

What is Distributed Acoustic Sensing?

An example of threats detected by a Distributed Acoustic Sensor solution