Our Digital Workforce Solutions

The biggest driving force for Unified Communication transformation and adoption today is the risks introduced by COVID-19. Companies had to respond to a threat that changed our way of doing business, and the concept of a Digital Workforce has accelerated to become part of every company’s survival guide to this pandemic. Combine this with the ever-emerging move to cloud based communications with their agile methodologies, just think of TEAMS and ZOOM “Work-from-Home” engagements, and we have a primed environment for disruption. 

TACTAL Click-to-Call Solution

Our instant “click-to-call” button – TCTAL – by i-CommConnect makes is super easy for customers to reach your business, driving more sales and improving customer experience on all your digital channels. The click-to-call button can be placed on any website, mobile app, QR Code, Marketing material or any other digital touch point of your business

TACTAL Real Time Translator

TACTAL provides global calling to global numbers and allows your contact center agents to speak to clients in multiple languages. It function across any digital touch point of your business, even “in-app” calling!

Our Experience 

We offer well over a 100 years’ worth of collective experience in Unified Communication and Collaboration in our team, lead by Les Forsman, whom is widely regarded and one of the top Unified Communications experts in South Africa, and supported by Marco van Biljoen, whom bears a wealth of technical and consulting experience in this environment. Experience our “click-to-Call solution by clicking on one of their names in our Contact Us section!