A few things we’re great at

We have integrated five different technologies for Asset Tracking, Asset Management and Asset Identification into a single platform, offering our clients unprecedented insights into their Asset Life Cycle. We specialise in High Value Assets (HVA’s) and building solutions to manage shrinkage and pilferage.


Our Visual Analytics allows our clients to make data-driven decisions, real time. Our clients use our Visual Deep Learning capabilities to solve complex problems in various industries.


With our RFID Solutions we work closely with our clients to  identify opportunities to increase insights into asset movement, asset life cycles and asset management. 


NTSIKA’s IoT applications is bringing immense value to our clients. We combine our various technologies to turn reactive based processes and business applications into predictive based real time decision making systems. With our clients we iterate, improve and keep building new solutions and applications for efficiency gains.


Through our technology you can identify any possible object, how many are present, identify non conformance such as packaging, negative space management (item has been removed).


Through our AI you can discreetly detect any irregularities in video images with automated alarms send to our PIVOT Platform for remediation of the incident. 


Track and Trace lost and incorrectly stored items, manage geo-fences effectively and limited exposure to possible incidents through early event validation.


Digitally manage processes, from people count to PPE conformance. Leverage our solutions to optimise asset movements, procedures, logistical processes, location processes.