Our Software Defined SMART LED Lighting turns lighting into SMART investments

With our Software Defined SMART LED lighting controls, our clients are quickly moving away from circuit-based lighting to a more efficient space-based lighting approach. This approach gives you full control over the lighting experience as each individual light fitting can be controlled as a zone – independent of any pre-existing wiring you may have. Our efficiency can safe you up to 94% energy compared to your current consumption, and up to 75% more than what you will realize with current LED solutions.

Lighting Energy Consumption Audit

Our On-Premise audit is a comprehensive audit focused on documenting you current light fixtures, their operating cost, maintenance cycles and operating hours to have a full view of current lighting expenses. The report further indicates possible efficiencies to be achieved by our Software Defined SMART LED solutions. Included in our audit report you will find

  • Full Light Asset Register of current deployed light fittings
  • Comprehensive current Energy Consumption report
  • Lumens report per location
  • Operating times of current lights supported by business operations

Lighting as a Service

NTSIKA offers a full Lighting as a Service turnkey solution including a full site lighting energy audit, technical design specification, Service Level, Maintenance and replacement of fixtures. We do light while you do business.

Light Replacement with our Software Defined SMART LEDSolution 

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