NTSIKA is proud to be associated with Authlogics, an award winning multi-factor authentication solution provider. Authlogics provides customers with a unique cost effective alternative to traditional authentication methods


The MSXCYBER Information Management System was designed as a set of policies and procedures implemented by organisations to manage information risks such as cyber attacks and data theft.


We offer a NIST800-63B Password Compliance service to our clients, identifying breached password risks early and support you  with recommendations on remediation.

AI CyberSecurity awarding winning Authlogics best Password Compliance specialists 2019 and 2020!

Moving away from passwords is inevitable, with Authlogics we aim to bring new solutions to our clients, to increase employee productivity and safe time to secure critical company devices, data and apps.

Worried that your e-mail or password has been breached? Click the link below to check: